About The Artist

The Heart behind the Carvers Hands
David was Born on a farm in the Tip of the Thumb Michigan in a Polish Catholic community. Six boys and one girl the second youngest, he learned to live on what they grew and raised. It was the simple things that taught him to enjoy life, but hardship also happened. Growing up on a farm and having a mother and father who worked so very hard created a strong love for working with my hands. In my youth, I lost two brothers’ and then later a close cousin and best friend.
Focusing on drawing, design and ceramics in College and teaching for over 30 years, David’s grown to love honing his skills by hand. Clay as well as wood can be carved, molded and shaped into many heartfelt handmade creations. These experiences and losses taught me early on the importance of love and sharing it. These collections seek to bring love into the lives of others so that they may share affection and fondness through gifts and expressions from the heart.
Every piece is hand made with it’s own unique wood grain and polished with kindness and love.
My Loss is My Gain & My Strength
A DML signature and year is wood burned on each created handmade piece.