Home States

I recently created my two home states ornaments; Michigan where I was born in the Tip of the Thumb until I graduated from WMU, Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, and Florida where I moved after college, taught Art in Manatee Schools, Bradenton. I also met my beautiful wife soon to be 29 years, March 29 one spectacular child (I am somewhat opinionated 😉 Ty, who will be 29 in December.


Dazzling Tortoise

This is my first attempt of creating an optical illusion effect with a drawing of a mammal. I love the effects and the complementary use of the pattern and colors of metallic golds and greens to emulate the powerful turtle shell form as well as its head and legs. I photographed the progression of this from the beginning to the finished piece.

Deceptive Elegance

I first create a drawing of a Mexican Petunia and then draw an optical illusion that will hopefully work with the flower. I then break each petal up into a design, using large shapes to small shapes and use similar colors as the original petunia. You can see the development as the flower gets colored. The beginning coloring are a different shade of color because they are taken inside the house on sometimes a stormy day, whereas the final pictures are taken in the sunny outside lighting. Also photos never look as good as the quality of the art piece.

Snowman Basketball

My “Snowman Basketball” ornaments have a realistic painted basketball with a choice of a Santa Hat or a Baseball Cap. The Baseball Cap can be chosen to be made with Cedar or Pine. They are 3 1/2 inches tall, 2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches deep and polyurethaned to a gloss finish. A unique, original, hand-made, hand painted, very charming ornament to add to your ornament collection. These would be perfect for a sport loving child or grandchild. Other sports will be available soon. Custom orders welcomed.


This white color pencil on black paper was inspired by a trip to Seattle in 2018 to visit our son and daughter in law.  We took a Ferry on Elliot Bay to go to Alki Beach Park.  After departing our transport we decided to enjoy the walk to the beach. How far could it be? We later came to realize it was miles, and miles away.  The sand was uncharastically hot comparative to the air temperature and the water was freezing cold.  Thirsty and fatigued, we purchased water and in need of shade, so we bought an umbrella.  The view and company was extraordinary. I recall laughs, small talk, smiles, eye contact, all while enjoying the view of sand, the bay, Seattle, the mountains and the bright blue sky. We spent our time walking the shore, no more than above the ankles for obvious reasons (not to mention the slimy green seaweed), before thermal discomfort set in, all while looking for rocks.  Next, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a 5 star seafood restaurant with a few iced cocktails.  A Uber drive back (too long of walk, we realized LOL) and we were again on the ferry toward home.   Looking back toward our ferry departure point as the sun is setting, revisiting the simple spectacular moments of life together as family, the day responded with its magnificence.  I will draw this someday with hopes we may share another day as heartwarming as this one again. 



Art Quilt

Box Lights


Patio Coffee Table

I created this patio coffee table with left over wood from the Trellis I made for Ty and Sandra’s wedding. The aesthetics of the wood tone and wood grain is stunning. The light and dark tone, wood grain and color gives the table a beautiful design. It also holds my drinks on my back patio while reading, watching wildlife, or sitting with my wife in conversation more relaxing and enjoyable.